Skincare is an important aspect of general hygiene which we ignore most of the time. Proper sun protection, repair and maintenance is requred on a daily basis to keep our face glowing.


We should follow certain methods to achieve a naturally glowing skin. Before that we have to first determine the type of our skin.


  • Wash your face gently and let it air dry

  • Sleep overnight in a non air-conditioned room

  • When you wake up, if your face is oily overall, then it is oily skin

  • If it pulls or feels tight, it is dry skin

  • If the T-zone is oily and the rest of your face is dry, then it is combination skin0

  • If your skin looks and feels young, and does not feel oily/dry then it is normal skin


All the products mentioned below must be chosen according to your skin type.




How well do we cleanse our skin?

Most of us use a soap or liquid face wash which might not be enough to remove all the dirt layered on top of our skin. Cleansers remove the dirt that is accumulated on the top layer and also penetrate into the skin to remove the dirt.


Cleansers come in different types :


1. Cream Cleanser 

Apply it all over the face and neck and massage in circular motion for a while, avoiding the area around the eyes. Then using a wet cotton pad, gently remove it.


2. Face wash

They are similar to soaps. They just remove the dirt deposited on the outermost layer of our skin.


Cleansers do not remove makeup effectively. A makeup remover comes handy in removing makeup on our face, eyes and neck.

Cleansers can be used after removing the makeup with the makeup remover.




Unlike soaps, scrubs have small particles or beads that remove the dead skin cells and make way for new ones. This process is called exfoliation. It is necessary to exfoliate your skin with facial scrubs atleast twice a week to get rid of old or dead skin cells. Not everybody can use a face scrub. People with severe acne or a history of skin problems must consult their dermatologist before using a scrub. 


Apply on wet skin and massage gently in circular motion. Wash it in warm water.




Masks help in removing excess facial oil, hydrate and help in improving the appearances of pores on your face. They are also a great way to pull out impurities. A right mask will help in tightening and toning your face even when used for the first time. They can be used once or twice a week. They can also be therapeutic and will help lift up your spirit by stimulating your senses. It is a great way to relax and pamper yourself while improving the appearance of your skin and unclogging your pores.


Mix the dry powder with milk or rose water and apply all over your face. Let it soak for atleast 15 minutes. Remove gently using warm water.

Wet masks can be used on their own without water/milk/rose water.




Toners are used after cleansing your face. Cleansers open your pores and clear out all the dirt while toners help in tightening the pores and enhancing your skin. There is a different toner for every skin type. Though it can be used by all skin types, it is an essential step for people with oily skin. 


Spray a few times on a cotton pad and dab it allover your face and neck. Let it get absorbed into your skin. It need not be washed.




A healthy skin is a sign of adequate hydration. Moisturisers help in hydrating and keeping your skin soft and supple. After cleansing and toning, all the natural oils in your face are stripped away along with the dirt. Moisturiser must be used after using a toner. It also lets your makeup glide on your skin like a dream. It is essential to always use a moisturiser irrespective of the time of a day.




Day creams or moisturisers are meant to be used during daytime to guard your skin from the heat and varying climatic conditions. A water based or gel based moisturiser can be used during summer and an oil based moisturiser can be used during winter. Most people with oily skin skip a moisturiser due to excess oiliness but is extremely important even for oily skinned people to use a moisturiser! When the skin is cleansed but the moisturiser is skipped, your face starts producing more oil to compensate with the effect caused. To avoid that, you must use a moisturiser which will help you control the excess oil secretion. A moisturiser is a must before applying a sunscreen.




Night creams help in repairing your skin when you sleep at night. While you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room, your skin is exposed to extreme dryness. A good night cream blends right into your skin, hydrates it and gives you a natural glow when you wake up in the morning. 


Apply a good amount of moisturiser after toning. Massage gently in circular motion until it gets absorbed by your skin.




Sunscreens guard your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Sun damage can cause tanning of your skin, skin cancer, pre-mature ageing, patches, wrinkles and dark spots. a dollop or a dice's amount of sunscreen is required for the entire face and neck to protect your skin from sun damage. Minimum SPF of 30 is required and anything lesser than that will not guard your skin.


There are a few BB creams and foundations that have sunscreen in them but apart from those a sunscreen must be used exclusively as the other creams will not give the adequate protection when you are out in the sun. Moisturiser cum sunscreens are available for the other parts of your body that are exposed to sun. It is important to apply sunscreens atleast 20 minutes before you go out in the sun. Re-application is required for every 2-3 hours if you are out in the sun for a long time.